Lack of information technology skills by teachers as a barrier to quality education

Various technical and digital tools are part of everyday life both for teachers and students. Teachers of Jyväskylä University of Applied Sciences have obvious shortcomings in their own IT skills, which is reflected in the quality of teaching received by students. Many teachers have problems with everyday programs, such as Optima or Microsoft. For example, setting deadlines on Optima or starting PowerPoint presentations often causes challenges, which takes time, from teachers, students, and teaching. The biggest problems concern teachers of business and international business study programs.
The BBA-degree contains few contact studies compared to other fields of study. However, a significant proportion of students want to receive traditional classroom teaching. Lectures are mainly once a week, which is quite a small share of the total workload of courses. If several minutes, up to 10 to 15 minutes is used as the teacher tries to get a beamer to work, start a PowerPoint presentation or otherwise get a computer or sound combined with the system, it’s a significant part of the time of the students. Lectures are part of the working hours of students and the time available should be used as efficiently as possible.
There are many different requirements for students, such as scheduling and quality of work. Deadlines must be followed and when using sources students must ensure correctness, quality and correct marking. Teachers’ work should also be expected to be similar. The lecture should arrive in time so that when the lecture begins, the available equipment is ready. Managing potential problems should be handled by the teacher outside the classroom. Teaching is part of the work of teachers, and the management of technical aids is part of their professional skills.
Getting orientated is very important in working life. Jyväskylä University of Applied Sciences has various orientation tools for new employees, as well as various training programs for the use of different systems. As the challenges are weekly, Jyväskylä University of Applied Sciences should look at current practices. Is origin of the problems the orientation or do the teachers not get enough support for the use of multiple systems and devices?
Regardless is the problem in practices or in the motivation of the teachers, JAMK should ensure that every employee has the necessary and up-to-date skills. If necessary, employees should have written instructions for using different programs and systems. JAMK should also look at the necessity of training, even mandatory. However, the quality of teaching received by students should not suffer because of the poor ability of teachers to use different tools.
The BBA Student Union TROL ry wrote about the challenges of e-learning and quality assurance. What is the quality of online teaching if the technical know-how is on below average level? Read TROL’s statement: