Konkurssi’s membership is meant exactly for you BBA student! As a member you get access to a variety of services and discounts, which you can benefit from during your studies, in worklife and free time. Konkurssi recommends the student membership, with that you make sure that you benefit from the trusteeship work and, if needed, receive guidance from an employment lawyer about contracts, work hours and salary.

Membership levels


  • Free
  • Lawyer guidance
  • Salary guidance
  • Student events all around Finland
  • Tradenomi- magazine
  • 4 months of Kauppalehti for free
  • Worklife knowledge
  • Business graduate cap with a discount
  • Member+
  • If-insurances with a lower prize


  • 19€ / year
  • All silver level benefits
  • Personal career guidance
  • Extensive traveler's and accident insurance for leisure time
  • Events by BBA's
  • Well-being coaching
  • Entrepreneurship sparring


  • 85€ / year
  • All silver and gold level benefits
  • Unemployment security
  • Legal protection benefit

Member benefits

As a member you get access to our local benefits.

Club Escape: Free entry to Escape on Fridays and Saturdays before 24:00 within ages limits. Excluding special nights and holidays. On Fridays age limit for members is 18 (normally 20).

Jack&Jones Forum:
10% discount from all normal prized items.

Vero Moda Forum:
10% discount from all normal prized items.

M Room: 10% off the haircut outside normal student discount time (Mon – Thu 10AM – 2PM). (only in Jyväskylä.)

Teeleidi: 15% off the purchase in online store until 30.6.2020 with code “konkurssi”. 10% discount from the total of the purchase in store. A filled seed sandwich and a tea pot for one for 4€.

Tree Amigos: In collaboration with Tree Amigos, Konkurssi collects spare and broken smartphones to reuse and recycle. For every recycled smartphone, a tree is planted to compensate the carbon footprint produced by humans. When you bring your old smartphone to Konkurssi, you’ll get an overall patch in exchange and have thus planted one tree. The phone doesn’t have to be functional or even turn on. The main point is that the phone is a smartphone, which means parts of it can be reused.

Unwritten: 10% discount from all normal prized items.

Laajis: With Konkurssi -sticker 20% discount on Adventure park’s ticket. 20% discount on e-fatbike rental.

Lihasleipuri: 10% discount from all normal prized items.

Mysteeri: 15% discount on escape room in Jyväskylä every day.

Jyväskylän Boulderpaja: Bouldering single entry 8€ and 5 entries 35€ (includes shoe rental). Top roping basic course 55€ (includes five training sessions).

More benefits coming! If you have any suggestions or questions, you can contact the Konkurssi board hallitus(a) or Konkurssi’s company co-operation correspondent yritysvastaava(a)


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