Trusteeship is one of our most important tasks, and on this page you will find information about what we do for this. Below you will find our Code of Conduct, the contact information of our harrasment contact persons and a link to a contact form, where you can tell us if you have, for example, experienced harassment or bullying.

Contact form

From the link below, you can access the contact form, which you can use to tell if you have experienced harassment during Konkurssi’s events.

You can contact us anonymously or by name. The harassment contact person will then contact you if you wish.

The form:

Code of Conduct

The code of conduct is a set of guidelines for everyone participating in
Konkurssi’s events and activities. The purpose of the code of conduct is to lower
the threshold for reporting inappropriate behavior. All reported cases will be
addressed according to the situation.

Respect personal boundaries, both physical and emotional. Everyone sets their own
boundaries and has the right to their own body, personal space, and privacy. Everyone is
entitled to say no in any given situation. Setting and respecting your own personal
boundaries is also important.

Dont assume. We should try to acknowledge our own possible prejudices and respect
everyone equally as people. Bullying and discrimination of any kind is unacceptable.
Always meet new people and situations without preconceptions.

Allow everyone to participate. We should accept everyone as the way they are. There is
room for everyones views and opinions as long as they are presented with respect for

Drinking alcohol is not a requirement for participation. Whether someone drinks or
doesnt drink is their own decision and it shouldnt be questioned or judged. If you notice
someone being too intoxicated and in a bad shape you should help them and not leave
them alone. Being drunk does not excuse any kind of inappropriate behavior. Everyone is
responsible for their own actions and how they affect others.

Creating a safe space is all of our responsibility. Apologize if youve hurt someone.
Remember that youre not only representing yourself, but also your student association.
Be open to listen, learn and grow.

If you witness or experience harassment, discrimination, or inappropriate behavior:
Reach out to the harassment contact person of your choice, either facetoface or
via anonymous form or email. You can contact them even if youre unsure of the
Describe the situation to them as clearly as possible
Discuss about the possible followup measures with the harassment contact person
The harassment contact person will begin to sort out the situation. They will be in
touch with the various parties in relation to the situation and you will be updated
about it
The situation is resolved accordingly
End of the process. The harassment contact person will take care of possible
aftermath, and if necessary, stays in contact with the person who experienced

Harrasment Contact Persons

Konkurssi has two harassment contact persons, whom you can contact at a low threshold if you have experienced harassment. Harassment contact persons will not initiate any measures if you do not want them to.

Anna Holappa

Charles Silvennoinen


JAMK main campus, DP55
Rajakatu 35, 40200 JYVÄSKYLÄ

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